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A celebration of women’s leadership in building a stronger Toronto Region through the responsible use of land.


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Ornella Richichi

 The Torgan Group 

Emma West

 Bousfields Inc. 

Josie Scioli

 City of Toronto 

Laurie Payne

 Diamond Corp 

Marianne O’Leary


Lisa Kurina

 PCL Constructors Can[...] 

Lori Martin

 City of Toronto 

Julia St. Michael

 Enwave Energy Corporation 

Allison Wolfe

 Oxford Properties 

Alison MacIntosh

 Real Property Solutions 

Debbie Cosic

 In2ition Realty 

Pamela Kraft


Dana Anderson

 MHBC Planning 

Valerie Gow

 Gow Hastings Architects 

Patricia McCarney

 Global Cities Institute  

Eha Naylor

 Dillon Consulting Limited 

Barbara Gray

 City of Toronto 

Heather Tremain

 Options for Homes 

Jane Gavan

 Dream Unlimited 

Susan L. MacLaurin

 QuadReal Property Group 

Darlene Broderick

 IBI Group 

Mary Lou Tanner

 City of Burlington 

Pamela Blais

 Metropole Consultants  

Barbara Lawlor

 Baker Real Estate Inc. 

Gabriella Sicheri


Amy Erixon

 Avison Young 

Anne Morash

 GWL Realty Advisors 

Kathleen Schofield

 Great Gulf Homes 

Jillian Jackson

 Ivanhoé Cambridge 

Mimi Ng

 Menkes Developments Ltd. 

Christina Beja

 Ernst and Young 

Lori-Ann Beausoleil

 PwC Group 

Ene Underwood

 Habitat For Humanity  

Donna Hinde

 The Planning Partnership 

Yvonne Yeung

 City of Brampton 

Josie Lee

 Colliers Project Leaders 

Cynthia Wong


Anna Madeira

 Quadrangle Architects 

Michelle Ackerman

 Kilmer Group 

Shirley Blumberg

 KPMB Architects 

Cheryl Shindruk

 Geranium Corporation 

Melanie Hare

 Urban Strategies Inc 

Christine Burke

 University of Toronto 

Lauren White


Lucy Stocco

 Tribute Communities 

Marcy Burchfield

 Neptis Foundation 

Karen Hacker

 Canadian Interuniver[...] 

Debbie Baxter


Janet De Silva

 Toronto Region Board[...] 

Wende Cartwright

 Savira Cultural + Ca[...] 

Renee Gomes

 First Gulf Corporation 

Joanna Kervin

 Toronto Transit Comm[...] 

Toni Rossi

 Infrastructure Ontario 

Emily Reisman

 Urban Strategies, Inc. 

Susanna Han


Margie Zeidler

 Urban Space Property[...] 

Heather Rolleston


Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker

 Urban Strategies Inc 

Susan Allen

 BOMA Toronto 

Cherise Burda

 Ryerson City Buildin[...] 

Lorna Day

 City of Toronto 

Diana Nada

 Colliers Project Leaders 

Jo-Anne Lane

 Beacon Environmental 

Lorraine Huinink


Elizabeth Sawicki

 Elizabeth Sawicki 

Shirley Hoy

 Strategy Corp 

Megan Torza


Lynne Wilson Orr

 Parkin Architects Limited 

Nancy Singer

 Kehilla Residential [...] 

Michelle E. DiEmanuele

 Trillium Health Partners 

Janet Rosenberg

 Janet Rosenberg and [...] 

Margaret Briegmann

 BA Group 

Lynda Macdonald

 City of Toronto 

Bonny McLoud


Jody Becker

 EllisDon Corporation 

Kristy Shortall


Caroline Robbie


Antoinette Tummillo


Janet Graham

 Sienna Senior Living Inc. 

Pamela Robinson

 Ryerson University 

Mandy Scully

 Armel Corporation 

Nadia King


Anne Milchberg

 Planning Intelligence 

Sarah Segal

 Informa Canada 

Meg Davis

 Waterfront Toronto 

Elisabeth Stroback

 Tanalex Corp. 

Hillary Marshall


Gail Borthwick

 Zeidler Architecture 

Leona Savoie

 Hullmark Development[...] 

Heather Grey-Wolf

 Real Star 

Norma Moores

 IBI Group 

Leslie Woo

 Metrolinx + Infrastr[...] 

Lynn Vandervoort

 Ballantry Homes Inc. 

Nadia Yen

 First Gulf 

Rosa Bustamante

 City of Burlington 

Anne McIIroy

 Brook McIIroy 

Pina Petricone

 Giannone Petricone A[...] 

Lisa Lafave


Anita Fabac

 City of Hamilton 

Alison Platt

 The Daniels Corporation 

Tania Bortolotto

 Bortolotto Design 

Audrey Jacob

 IBI Group Inc. 

Sue MacKay

 Empire Communities 

Farrah D’Souza

 Oxford Properties Gr[...] 

Emily Hanna

 Crown Realty Partners 

Mimi Ward

 Ward Land Economics Inc. 

Alicia Kuntz

 Terracap Management 

Hannah Evans

 Ontario Ministry of [...] 

Vanessa Judelman

 Mosaic People Development 

Christina Giannone

 Port Credit West Vil[...] 

Jennifer Keesmaat

 Creative Housing Society 

Lisa Roanne Salsberg


Robyn Brown

 IBI Group Inc. 

Lisa Prime

 Prime Strategy & Planning 

Catherine Zahn


Beth Kapusta

 Brook McIlroy Inc 

Shonda Wang

 SvN architects + planners 

Mary-Frances Turner

 York Region Rapid Transit 

Laura E. Taylor

 York University 

Debra Kakaria


Anna Kaneff

 Kaneff Group 

Heather McGregor


Paula M. Dill

 Ontario Ministry of [...] 

Jasmine Cracknell-Young

 N. Barry Lyon Consul[...] 

Lindsay Dale-Harris


Sevaun Palvetzian

 Greater Toronto Civi[...] 

Lisa Chandler

 Oxford Properties Group 

LoriAnn Girvan


Taya Cook

 Urban Capital  

Jeanhy Shim

 Housing Lab TO 

Julia Hanigsberg

 Holland Bloorview Ki[...] 

Salima Rawji


Sarah Esler

 Alberta Investment M[...] 

Ute Maya-Giambattista

 Fotenn Planning + Design 

Andrea Bourrie

 City of Barrie 

Pat Hanson


Marilyn Ball

 City of Brampton 

Samantha Farrell

 Dream Unlimited 

Sunny Wiles

 Colliers Internation[...] 

Laurie McPherson

 Bousfields Inc. 

Julie Di Lorenzo

 Diamante Development[...] 

Leslie Gash

 Waterfront Toronto 

Marni Dicker

 Live Work Learn Play 

Ann Joyner

 Dillon Consulting 

Vivian Kwok

 Manulife Financial 

Amanda Santo

 Waterfront Toronto 

Sheila Botting


Tonya Surman

 Centre for Social In[...] 

Heather MacDonald


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Andrea Gabor, 1952-2015

Partner, Urban Strategies Inc.

Andrea Gabor was an urban planner and one of the earliest Partners at Urban Strategies Inc., where she led many award-winning projects. Spanning a career of over thirty years, Andrea’s projects have shaped the fabric of Toronto and cities around the world. Recognized for her great contributions to the field of urban planning, in 2007 she was elected to the College of Fellows of the Canadian Institute of Planners. Those who worked with her will remember Andrea as a true champion – a driven, dedicated planner who brought passion, humour and joy to professional life. She was a role model for all who had the privilege of working with her, including many on the ULI Toronto Championship team. Andrea is missed, but she will continue to serve as an example of professionalism, integrity, and excellence in the field of urban planning.

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