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Nadia Yen

Director, Green Development, First Gulf

Sector: Private Sector
Discipline: Development
Year: 2018

Nadia Yen

Director, Green Development, First Gulf

Magic Moment: A magic moment for me was when I shifted careers from consulting to working in real estate. It was in my first week that I realized — you really can do anything, even things far out of your comfort zone — with hard work we all have the ability to shift and change within our careers and learn new tricks. This opened up my eyes to the endless opportunities of career options and inspired me to always push myself to learn and grow.

Key Influence:

Derek Goring: Be strategic, thoughtful and respectful of all opinions; seeing all sides of the coin is necessary to make good decisions.

Mark Hales: The best leaders give others freedom to grow and try new things. In order to learn, we need to make mistakes and look at failure in a positive way.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry:

– Create more mobility options (more effective and affordable transit)
– Climate change (how do we protect ourselves from inclement weather patterns)
– Aging infrastructure (how are we going to maintain existing infrastructure)
– Affordable housing (must acknowledge the current state and create a plan)
– Streamlining regulatory review roadblocks for developments, innovation and technology

On Championing Others… My words of wisdom: Be yourself. Find passion and enjoyment in your work. Respect others, always, no matter the circumstance. Remember to recalibrate your thoughts often and ensure you are always acting with good intent.

One word that captures you: Optimistic