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Heather Tremain

Sector: Non-Profit Sector
Discipline: Development
Year: 2017

Heather Tremain

Magic Moment: My magic moment was when I took on responsibility for leading my first development. I was both nervous and excited. It was a complex project – very green and affordable, in the face of significant skepticism about how to do both. I knew in that moment that the project was going to demand alot of me to deliver the project and I made a commitment to myself that I would rise to the occasion whatever it took to make the project a success.

Key Influence:  My first boss, Brian Holley, was a major influencer. Through him I learned to give people the space to grow, to develop, to try things, to push their limits and the permission to make mistakes and most importantly the opportunity to learn from them.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: Of course I have to say affordable housing! We need to change the conversation to see housing as infrastructure, vital to the lifeblood of the city like transit, pipes, streets. It requires investment and we need to be more creative about where that comes from – seeking sources outside of government. We also need exploring new forms and design approaches.

On Championing Others… I think we all want to do work we care about and are proud of. I seek keen, passionate people to work with and when I meet someone like that I actively work to connect them to opportunities.

Secret Talent: Dancing with ambiguity.

One word that captures you: Pragmatic idealist.