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Cheyanne Hammell

Project Manager, PCL

Year: 2021

Cheyanne Hammell

Project Manager, PCL

Magic Moment: For me, my proudest moments are the moments when I see my proteges realize their own potential and rise to the challenges presented to them.

Key Influence: My mom and Lisa Kurina.

Key Lesson: As a pilot, my mom was also in a career traditionally dominated by men and she excelled to become the first woman captain in her company. She set the bar high for me and led by example, encouraging me to succeed at whatever I wanted to do. She never let the long-standing gender biases in her profession get in her way.

I’ve been lucky to work alongside Lisa Kurina, operations manager at PCL Constructors Canada Inc., for the last 7 years and to witness how she leads by example. Lisa’s leadership style is one of the many reasons she has established herself as a well-respected individual in the construction industry. She also has a special way of creating team atmospheres and always takes a personal interest in those around her. I’ve learned so much from her over the years and look forward to being part of her continued success in the industry.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: Ensuring that young people, especially young women, are encouraged to and want to join the construction industry. There are so many opportunities in the industry, and overcoming the negative mindset about pursuing a career in construction is a big hurdle to overcome.

On Championing Others… I champion others by encouraging them to get involved in initiatives and activities, whether it be via groups or events, which will help strengthen their networks. I’m also passionate about increasing the awareness young women have about the career possibilities that exist in infrastructure to make sure there continues to be an increased presence of women in this exciting industry.

One word that captures you: Determined. I’ve always been someone unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Secret Talent: My photoshop skills!