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Lori Martin

Consultant, LMX Consulting

Sector: Public Sector
Discipline: Planning/Urban Design
Year: 2018

Lori Martin

Consultant, LMX Consulting

Magic Moment: A “magic moment” was in 2012 when a good friend and colleague Joe Guzzi sent me a professional/academic article that discussed creative cities and how the most successful world cities operate with a quadruple bottom line (i.e. cultural, economic, environmental and social). That little epiphany has profoundly affected how I approach work in all city building projects.

Key Influence:

Paula Dill, former Chief Planner: Paula’s three questions: “What does the Official Plan say? Who is the City Councillor? And what are the ski conditions (in Collingwood) this weekend?” (live-work balance)

Sue Corke, former Deputy City Manager: Sue with her lovely Brit. accent would say “Shall we put on our big-girl-pants; get down there (Council Chambers) and get this thing done.” (don’t take yourself too seriously)

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: If the industry were to tether the creative cities agenda with the environmental movement it would benefit the city-region. A bold demonstration project, such as replicating the successful New York City program Materials for the Arts, would be a specific example which could be implemented given Toronto City Council’s authorization in 2002 for the initiative. https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/2002/agendas/council/cc02

On Championing Others… I have never been too busy to talk to or meet with students who reach out to me about their university course work or their interest in exploring different career choices such as municipal cultural planning.

Secret Talent: During a ski season years ago I was a pastry chef in Banff, AB; there were no recipes, no measuring tools and due to the altitude/weather, it was so unpredictable, desserts would rise like crazy or sink like a stone when in the oven. I learned how to roll with it.

One word that captures you: Dedicated.