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Bonny McLoud

Principal Owner, McLoud Consulting (in Houston, TX)

Sector: Private Sector
Discipline: Consultancy
Year: 2018

Bonny McLoud

Principal Owner, McLoud Consulting (in Houston, TX)

Magic Moment: Beyond graduate school, MANY moments – gleaned from amazing client / consultant leaders, have helped hone my business acumen. While motherhood strengthened my patience and empathy, travel inspired awareness and creativity, it was curiosity about the success of business and cities, which drove me to be a continuous student. As innovators, we have the rare opportunity to voyeur into global companies / developments / cities, understand drivers and create effective solutions. I cannot think of a more rewarding career.

Key Influence:

Wayne Peacock / President, USAA P&C: As a young RE leader, Wayne taught me that EVERY encounter is an opportunity. Be prepared, treat everyone as a client, and remember success for one is success for all.

Robin Klehr-Avia / Gensler, Mng. Principal: Face each day, every issue with a “can do” attitude. Challenges are there to be resolved.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: Global climate change and carbon footprint are having an enormous impact not only on Canadian cities, but on the precious resources across these vast lands. We need to look very long, far past political ebb and flow, to guide the course now for future generations. ULI / WLI can help create the forum and the connection for this vital effort.

On Championing Others… Lead by example – sponsor, encourage, mentor and motivate – through the creation of classes/programs in practice, management and leadership, and by involvement in local chapters of global programs such as “Lean In”, I have made an attempt to pay forward, in honor of the wonderful mentors who always had an open door for me.

Secret Talent: I can tie a great bow! For black tie events bearing gifts, I have it all “wrapped up”.

One word that captures you: Tenacious