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Katie Pandey

Associate, Weston Consulting

Sector: Private Sector
Discipline: Consultancy
Year: 2021

Katie Pandey

Associate, Weston Consulting

Magic Moment: The whole journey of the last 14 years in Canada has been magical- starting from scratch in a foreign land, learning the ropes of the planning profession, adapting to a new culture, getting accustomed to Canadian jokes, and learning to drive on icy roads. My message to new immigrant leaders- ‘it will be hard, sometimes very hard but it is not impossible and will be worthwhile. Aim higher, irrespective of your current position, built a strategy and build your resume slowly and consistently’.

Key Influence: Deborah (Babulal) Giannetta – Manager Richmond Hill and My child and husband.

Key Lesson: She pulled me up when I was at my lowest and made me realized the ‘strength of motherhood’. Motherhood has truly provide me a strength and drive to strike higher and harder.

They always have my back and glitter in their eyes whenever I achieve something.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: We all know that the next biggest challenge for the Greater Toronto Area is the lack of affordable housing, however, the bigger challenge is how to maintain this affordability for the long run. We need new innovation not only in policies, public-private partnership models but also in forms and materials of housing to maintain this affordability.

On Championing Others… By Developing a “hip pocket” skill. Meaning a skill you become so good at, you are seen across the organization as the expert at it and no one else in the same field in the same organization has it. Such as, I use my design skills for problem-solving and finding a alternative solution.

One word that captures you: Dependable.

Secret Talent: Writing a blog with a secret name that on all forms of spirituality and enjoys questioning the powers that be.