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Jocelyn Deeks

Partner, Bousfields Inc.

Year: 2021

Jocelyn Deeks

Partner, Bousfields Inc.

Magic Moment: My ‘magic moment’ was when I realized the opportunity that my travel experience, my work experience, my educational experience, and my personal experience could all come together to make a contribution to community planning that was meaningful.

Key Influence: My first corporate boss and My first ‘planning’ boss.

Key Lesson: She taught me foundation skills that have supported me throughout my career.

She taught me to look at everything objectively; and that while expertise always plays a role in making good decisions, so does common sense.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: I think supporting all of the great people in this city-region to find their space in the face of the incredible growth that we are experiencing is really important. Change isn’t easy; we’re asking a lot of community members to envision a future GTHA region that will look and function very differently from what we have always known. I think that bringing everyone, from all backgrounds and ages, along in the process is key to supporting the social infrastructure necessary to make the future successful.

On Championing Others… I think supporting the next generation of planners is critical to the profession. I am a mentor/sponsor for planners hoping to achieve their RPP designation. I also volunteer for various initiatives to engage youth, including MyTOin10.

One word that captures you: Hopeful – because it’s the only way of thinking that makes sense to me.

Secret Talent: Singing karaoke – specifically Shania Twain (and I’m working on my Dolly Parton)…but I don’t think anyone will get us mixed up anytime soon