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Catherine Lyons

Partner, Goodmans LLP

Sector: Private Sector
Discipline: Legal
Year: 2022

Catherine Lyons

Partner, Goodmans LLP

Magic Moment: Successfully shepherding a Diversity and Inclusion policy through a Board that I was a member of. Although there was orginally resistence, through patient and open communication, the Board came together and unanmously endorsed it.

Key Influence: Allan Leibel 

Key lessons:  I learned that an accepted approach is not always an acceptable approach and to be wary of ‘conventional wisdom’.

My children
We raise them and then they raise us.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: We need to find a way to keep families in urban areas. Schools, parks, religious buidlngs, grocery stores and other shops all improve when people are invested in their success and not just passing through.

On Championing Others… I always, always praise good work; I praise it to the person who did it and praise it to others who need good work done.

Secret Talent: I can make elaborate hats and wigs out of paper. It doesn’t have much application.

One word that captures you: Undaunted.