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Wendy Law

Deputy City Manager, Administrative Services & City Solicitor, City of Vaughan

Year: 2021

Wendy Law

Deputy City Manager, Administrative Services & City Solicitor, City of Vaughan

Magic Moment: There isn’t a particular moment that specifically shaped my journey, but I believe that every experience counts. Every opportunity that I have had to learn something new, to work on something that I have never done before, adds to my growth as a person. Every experience adds up to make me who I am today. I have enjoyed throughout my career countless opportunities to get involved in different ventures, and I will never stop putting up my hand or searching for the new opportunity ahead.

Key Influence: Sam Kwok and Mary Ellen Bench.

Key Lesson: Sam was my pastor and coached me and selected others in our university years to become youth leaders. It was my first exposure to leadership, mentorship and project management. I remember Sam telling us that if through these experiences, we get to know ourselves well, including our interests, strengths and weaknesses, it will help us go a long way in our careers ahead. He was proven to be right.

Mary Ellen was my boss and mentor for almost 18 years. I have learned so much her, and I don’t think I would be able to become who I am without her guidance, coaching and support throughout these years. She offered me opportunities to work on matters that I never thought I was able to do at the time. She had more faith in my abilities and potential than I did. As I have benefitted so much from my experience with my two mentors in life, I feel that it is my responsibility to do the same for others and help those with lesser years of experience grow.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: Affordability of housing and cost of living especially for those who are just starting out. Can someone without support from older generations be able to support themselves even with a decent paying job.

On Championing Others… Mentorship and sharing of experience, and look for opportunities for others to participate in initiatives outside of my present organization. It is important to build our networks within and outside our organization, to learn from one another and to work together on broader initiatives.

One word that captures you: Big picture. I believe everything fits together somehow into something bigger than itself. I always look for the big picture in things – why is something happening and where does it fit in with the broader picture of life.

Secret Talent: I have perfect pitch and can identify musical notes with my hearing.