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Vernita Tsang

Vice President, Legal Services, Fengate Asset Management

Year: 2021

Vernita Tsang

Vice President, Legal Services, Fengate Asset Management

Magic Moment: I am very proud to be part of a company and a larger industry that has tangible and meaningful impacts on communities. I feel pride of ownership when I’m driving around my city and I spot projects under construction or in operation that I had a hand inclosing or is currently part of my portfolio. On a personal level, I am proud of the resiliency and resourcefulness of my family over this past year on figuring out how to survive and thrive with all of us (3 kids!) schooling and working from home.

Key Influence: Heather Crawford and Godyne Sibay.

Key Lesson: She is a wonder and an inspiration: a truly present and devoted mother of 5, an excellent lawyer and one of the kindest and most compassionate human beings I know. And how lucky I am to have the pleasure of working with her everyday and seeing these qualities in action.

She is another working mother, successful lawyer force of nature! She was the only woman senior partner in my department at the law firm when I was starting out and from her, I saw that you can work and be a mom and be successful at both.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: A vision for tackling climate change and social inequality. Both challenges are complex and require a real commitment from all stakeholders to use their particular sphere of influence to work towards a common goal. And that is the first and most formidable gate – what is the common goal and what does success in climate change and social inequality look like? Getting through this gate requires vision. Equity investors such as Fengate can do more internally to reflect on our company’s values and articulate an environmental and social vision. We can also do more to influence and encourage policy makers to engage in similar reflection and articulation for our collective vision (for our city, province, country and as part of the global community).

On Championing Others… I am a sympathetic listener and look for opportunities to teach and help others.

One word that captures you: Diamond – I am cherished and precious (in the good way) and also strong, durable and can cut through the you-know-what!

Secret Talent: I am awesome at making pie dough from scratch. They always turn out!