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Sarah Segal

CEO, Simplydbs & Shape Your Space

Sector: Private Sector
Discipline: Consultancy
Year: 2016

Sarah Segal

CEO, Simplydbs & Shape Your Space

Magic Moment: I think the “Magic Moments” in my career have all had one thing in common. It is when I have said yes to stretching myself professionally and personally. Yes to taking on an extra project, yes to investing in personal education and yes to giving back to our community. At each junction, saying yes has opened doors and provided exceptional value.

Key Influence:

My Husband who shows me everyday how to keep pushing past what is expected to realize the exceptional.

My 4 Daughters – Setting a positive example for my daughters is number one these days.  Being able to show them how to lead with integrity, make a positive impact and the value of innovation.

My Father taught me early on to dig in, work hard and ultimately – if you love what you do – success will follow.

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: About 10 year ago now I wrote “It would seem commercial real estate and city building is poised to undergo a metamorphosis over the next decade. From the sharing economy to innovations in technology, I think we should continue to invest in quality research, learn from global examples and strive to lead in terms of taking chances with the unknown.” Today, the same holds true. Data is changing how we build, manage and operate buildings. I love being on the forefront of that transformation.

Secret Talent: I’m pretty much an open book. What you see if what you get!

On Championing Others… Earlier in my career, I heard someone quote Maya Angelou “When you learn, teach, when you get, give”. I try to remember this daily, support those around me and give credit to the people that have actually done the heavy lifting!

One word that captures you: Tenacious.