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Marina Sheehan

Director of Development, Northcrest Developments

Marina Sheehan

Director of Development, Northcrest Developments

Milestones in a career and life are a wonderful way of inspiring our emerging young leaders. Please share a proud or “magic moment” that shaped your journey?

Moving to Canada in 2015 was probably one of the biggest leap of faiths I made, and I haven’t looked back. Canada and the industry have been very kind to me.

Who were your major influencers/mentors (up to 2) and what were the key lessons you gained from them?

Mentor #1: Kristy Shortall, Kristy is an inspiring leader who fearlessly takes on any challenge put in front of her. I have never seen someone do their job with such drive, passion and leadership. She inspires me every day in my current role and provides tremendous support to me at work and in life in general. I will be forever grateful.

What do you think are the next big challenges we need to tackle as an industry and as a successful city-region? Are there specific things you think we should be doing to meet the challenges?

The Greater Toronto Area is facing some major challenges currently and the next 5-10 years will require some major investments if we want to ensure the City remains livable and attractive especially to young people and families. More Affordable housing, improved public transportation and measures to make the city safer and more welcoming are all areas that I am keeping an eye on as I am raising my own children in this city. As an industry, ensuring we create places that all people can thrive socially and economically are key.

Tell us how you champion others in the industry.

I remember being a young graduate unsure of the path in front of me, or that fresh-off-the boat foreigner who just needed a foot in the door to kick start my career in Canada. The struggles that comes in those early days are really challenging, therefore since I’ve been more established in my career, I like to ensure I give time back to help guide those young graduates and immigrants wherever I can. Additionally, I like to see and give merit where merit is due to my peers. So supporting, celebrating and showcasing their achievements is equally important for me.

What is your secret talent no one knows you have?

If I were to live an alternative life I would have been a fashion designer. I grew up making and altering clothes alongside my Mother and will forever have a passion for fashion design.

What is the best word to describe you? And Why?

Resilient. This is a tough one as it’s always hard to self reflect but “resilient” comes to mind when I think of the many challenges I have faced over the years – professionally, on projects and personally. I’ve always somehow managed to come out the other side. Remember – This too shall pass.