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Jo Flatt

Vice President, Corporate Planning & Sustainability, Allied REIT

Year: 2021

Jo Flatt

Vice President, Corporate Planning & Sustainability, Allied REIT

Magic Moment: One experience I am most proud of was in n my previous role. I was part of a multi-sector team, including City Councillors, developers and planners, that legalized the construction of laneway suites in Toronto. This experience taught me a great deal about collaborative team leadership, public engagement and real estate. Another significant milestone in my career was my transition into real estate. While I had spent many years working to create more sustainable cities, I had never been on the developer side. Joining Allied in 2020 was a remarkable change in my career, and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to advance environmental and social issues throughout our work across the country.

Key Influence: Jeb Brugmann and my dad.

Key Lesson: Jeb carries compassion, intellect and curiosity in a way that I have continuously found to be inspiring and impactful throughout my career.

My dad is a constant source of guidance. One of his enduring quotes – ‘Failure is inevitable, defeat is optional.’

Next Big Challenge As An Industry: Housing affordability. The protection and creation of green space, particularly in cities. We need to push all real estate actors and policymakers to think for the long term, not the short term, so that decisions are being made to create livable, connected and inclusive communities for future generations.

On Championing Others… I strive to build meaningful interpersonal relationships, share learnings and foster dialogue between my colleagues inside and outside of Allied. I am committed to elevating my team members by supporting them in their work and sharing their successes, but also providing insightful feedback or guidance as needed to help them advance in their careers.

One word that captures you: Collaborative.

Secret Talent: I’ve bicycled across the southern United States.