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About WLI Champions

Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Champions are selected by the Toronto Urban Land Institute for their leadership and skill in real estate development, land use and city-building.

The WLI Champions reflect the strength of Toronto’s real estate development industry, and support a healthier, more prosperous and equitable region.

ULI is global member-supported nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to providing leadership in the responsible use of land. The Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) is part of a global ULI network promoting the advancement of women in real estate and development.

From the Chairs

“ULI Toronto’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) is leading the global effort to advance the visibility and leadership opportunities for women in the real estate and city building professions. Showcasing inspired industry leadership, Champions in the Spotlight celebrates exceptional women in real estate, highlighting their accomplishments, inspirations and advice to shape the continued success of our industry. The insights within the spotlight profiles demonstrate the depth of talent, wealth of experience and tremendous contribution women have made in building a better Toronto region. Reach out to these accomplished women and be inspired!”

– Derek Goring & Emma West, ULI Toronto Chair and Vice-chair

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